AstroGrid Team Members

Contact Points

  • Project Leader : Andy Lawrence : al-at-roe-dot-ac-dot-uk
  • Project Manager : Keith Noddle : ktn-at-star-dot-le-dot-ac-dot-uk
  • Project Scientist : Nic Walton : naw-at-ast-dot-cam-dot-ac-dot-uk

Consortium Institutions and Lead Investigators

The following institutions currently make up the AstroGrid Consortium :

Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge University (Richard McMahon)

Institute for Astronomy, Edinburgh University (Andy Lawrence)

Dept of Physics and Astronomy, Leicester University (Mike Watson)

Jodrell Bank Observatory, University of Manchester (Simon Garrington)

Space Science and Technology Department, Rutherford Appleton Lab (Peter Allan)

Mullard Space Science Lab, University College London (Len Culhane)

Dept of Physics, University of Bristol (Mark Birkinshaw)

In earlier phases, the consortium has also included the Institute of Cosmology and Gravitation, University of Portsmouth; the School of Computer Science, University of Belfast; the School of Physics, University of Exeter; and the School of Computing, University of Leeds.

Main Team

Current team members, and their key responsibilities, are as follows. Some folk have worked full time on AstroGrid, some half time, and many others as a smaller fraction of their responsibilities. During 2008 there has been approximately 15 FTEs of effort.

Peter Allan (Consortium Board member)

Kona Andrews (Data Set Access components)

Elizabeth Auden (Solar system engineering)

Kevin Benson (Registry)

Len Culhane (Management Team)

Silvia Dalla (Science Support, solar-terrestrial astronomy)

Simon Garrington (Consortium Board member)

Gary Gilchrist (AstroGrid sysman and Web lead)

Norman Gray (Semantics)

Eduardo Gonzalez-Solares (AstroGrid Python, Science Support, optical-IR astronomy)

Paul Harrison (Common Execution Architecture)

Mark Holliman (VOTECH sysman and Web lead)

Andy Lawrence (Project Leader)

Jeff Lusted (ADQL and Query Builder)

Bob Mann (VOTECH DS6 Leader)

Ian McCrea (Consortium Board member)

Richard McMahon (Management Team)

Dave Morris (VOSpace)

Keith Noddle (Project Manager)

Catherine Qin (Systems Integration and Testing)

Anita Richards (Science Support, Radio Astronomy)

Guy Rixon (Web and Grid interfaces)

Mark Taylor (Topcat and applications standards)

Jonathan Tedds (Science Support, X-ray astronomy)

Nic Walton (Project Scientist)

Mike Watson (Management Team)

Peredur Williams (Admin Support)

Noel Winstanley (VODesktop, Astro Runtime API)

Past Team Members

Several further people made major contributions to AstroGrid over the last few years, especially the following:

Tony Linde (Previous Project manager)

John Taylor (Systems Integration and PLASTIC)

Dugan Witherick (Science Support)

Phil Nicholson (Web interface)

Alasdair Allan (VO Event)

Clive Page (Databases and House Sceptic)

Martin Hill (DSA concepts and Camel Training)

Tim Goodwin (System management)

Clive Davenhall (MySpace)

Other valuable team members have been the following : David Giaretta, Tim Naylor, Fionn Murtagh, Malcolm Bremer, Louise Harra, Bob Nichol, Ken Brodlie, Patricio Ortiz, Bob Bentley, Brian McIllwrath, Chris Perry, John Sherman, Pedro Contreras, Peter Shillan, Roy Platon.

Last but not least, a number of people in data centres etc, while not being part of AstroGrid, have provided co-operation that has been crucial to the success of AstroGrid. Worthy of special mention are Mike Read, Duncan Law-Green, Jim Lewis, Mathew Wild, Ant Holloway, and Julian Osborne.


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