About AstroGrid

The AstroGrid project has involved four inter-related strands of work.

  • Collaborating world-wide to construct agreed international standards and protocols.
  • Constructing technical infrastructure software, for data centres and developers to deploy.
  • Establishing and running working services, such the AstroGrid Registry, and various VOSpace fileservers.
  • Constructing astronomical user software, and providing user support.

The core AstroGrid work has been funded by PPARC and by STFC. This core has been enhanced by European Commission funding, as part of the AVO, VOTECH, DCA, and AIDA projects. The total funding over eight years has been approximately 14M.

This link lists the AstroGrid Team and key contact points.

This link provides Key Documents from the history of AstroGrid.

This link lists Publications produced by the AstroGrid project.


AstroGrid website is hosted at the Institute for Astronomy, University of Edinburgh  -  last updated: 24-Apr-2012