Welcome to AstroGrid

AstroGrid was the UK's Virtual Observatory developement project from 2001-2010. The AstroGrid project began in 2001 as part of the UK's government e-Science initiative, and proceeded in three phases. Following a short exploratory phase (late 2001), the original AstroGrid project (2002-4) centred on research and prototyping; the follow-on project (AstroGrid-2 : 2005-7) was the engineering and construction phase. The third phase (AstroGrid-3 : 2008-9) was an operations project. We launched working services and user software in April 2008. AstroGrid software and services are still used by astronomers all over the world on a daily basis.

These static web pages reflect AstroGrid and its software at the time of its completion so be aware that some of what you find will not be current. To get up to date VO software try starting with the EuroVO or IVOA web pages.

General Information

The AstroGrid project involved four inter-related strands of work.

  • Work with colleagues world-wide to construct agreed international standards and protocols.
  • Constructing technical infrastructure software, for data centres and developers to deploy.
  • Establishing and running working services, such the AstroGrid Registry, and various VOSpace fileservers.
  • Constructing astronomical user software, and providing user support.

The core AstroGrid work was funded by PPARC and by STFC. This core was enhanced by European Commission funding, as part of the AVO, VOTECH, DCA, and AIDA projects. The total funding over eight years totaled approximately 14M.


AstroGrid website is hosted at the Institute for Astronomy, University of Edinburgh  -  last updated: 15-Aug-2012