AstroGrid Project Resources

The AstroGrid project has left a legacy of documentation and source code that will be useful for current and future VO Projects. The documention is largely contained in the development wiki, as descibed below. The source code of the entire AstroGrid project is stored in an SVN repository and is available through a GoogleCode Project, as linked below.

  • AstroGrid Development Wiki: The wiki contains a large amount of information about the AstorGrid software, both user and services, as well as documentation on various IVOA related projects and pieces of software.
  • AstroGrid Source Code: The AstroGrid source code is available for anonymous browsing and download. If you would like to contribute development effort and have your changes added to the code repository please go to the GoogleCode site and contact one of the project administrators.


AstroGrid website is hosted at the Institute for Astronomy, University of Edinburgh  -  last updated: 15-Aug-2012